Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 9 – 100-mile Diet: Bringing out the books.

After the slight slump that my hubby and I had early in the week about food choices and stuff we could not have, we decided to try our hand at making a list of things to make sure we wouldn’t feel like we are eating the same thing all the time. (I was inspired to do this buy James and Alisa’s book where they mention having eaten borscht and potatoes for weeks on end: “war veggies” they called them.)

The internet was way to vague and wide and frustrating of a place so I decided to bring out my cook books ad we started looking through the pages. Funny enough, we were happy to find that a lot of the recipes could be made 100-mile by simply substituting or removing some ingredients. We spent the better part of an hour pouring over the books, putting little page holders on all the recipes we could make with vegetables that are in season right now.

It gave us hope and I’m looking forward to trying them out and sharing them with you!

Also, we bought our pasta maker last night. Excited we whipped it out of the box and looked over the recipe for pasta. It was SO easy: 1 egg for ½ cup of flour! Wonderful! Triple the recipe and we have a big huge dinner.

Well… NOT so easy. Turns kneading pasta dough is like kneading bread dough. Too much, it breaks in the machine and not enough, it gets stuck in the machine. LOL! The machine is a mess! We ended up having pasta, but nothing was worthy of pictures. We will need to refine our technique!

Have you looked through your cookbooks?

How can you transform your favourite recipe into a local recipe?