Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change the World Wednesday Challenge - Make wraps and foils a No-No in your home!

So here we go for another challenge! It's been a few weeks since I've posted, but I wanted to do my share.

So this week's CTWW challenge is as follows :

This week ... for the entire week ... don't use plastic wrap or foil. No plastic wrap to cover food while microwaving, no foil to line a pan, and neither to cover leftover food. No plastic wrap or foil ... none ... for one week.

Or ...

If you never use plastic wrap or foil, identify one area of your life that could be a little more Eco-friendly. Tell us, in the comments section, what that one thing is and commit to "greening it up".

So what are we gonna do? Well, we are already practically wrap and foil free. It"s not really something we use. One thing we do use is paper towels. We are horrible at it sometimes. We buy the "select a size - made from recycled material" ones, but that is no excuse.

So here is my pledge : To stop using paper towels for a week!

What is your challenge this week? Chime in!