Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 15 – 100 mile Diet : A good night…

I'm a little late posting today... ran out of time this morning.

Yesterday (Day 15) was a very good night. Why you may ask? Because we took care of the first of many points I had on my list of things we were missing and getting used to from yesterday :

We cooked in big quantites!

Now lets be fair, that meant dinner, a 2 liter (64 onces) container of tomato sauce, enough vegetable broth to make 2 soup recipes and our first 2 loaves of bread, but for me, that was huge!

Another thing that I ommited to talk about yesterday was the difficulty of breakfast. Although I LOVE eggs, eggs every morning was getting a little hold and aside from fruit and cheeses, without cereal and toast, morning were hungry ones.

Well, we had a flas of genius : crepes keep in the fridge for quite a few days! So we decided to make a big batch of them so we could reheat them every morning.

Our first bread :

After following the sour starter recipe we had found on line and getting it to froth, but not double, we decided to give it a try anyway and see what would happen. We now know that we probably didn’t do something right because our bread stayed pretty flat. We waited for hours for it to rise (at least 3 even though the recipe said 2) but gave up after it having only plumped up about 25%.

What was the worse that could happen? We have hard or massive bread? We thought, “you know what? IT’S BREAD!” Our first in 15 days and we will love it and eat it with enthusiasm and pride. It does have the texture of pound cake though. LOL!

Here was the result :

We will be trying a different starter and bread recipe this time around.

We will keep you posted!