Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 4 – 100-mile Diet: Trip to the downtown farmer’s market and home made PIZZA!

Yesterday, right after work, I took the bus and met my husband downtown for a discovery trip of the farmer’s market. We found so many things:

  • Fresh veggies
  • Fruit port wine
  • Fresh cheese
  • Legumes (red and white beans, split peas)
  • Live herbs (so we could repot them at home for the fall)
  • Strawberry flower Honey
  • Bee pollen (which apparently is a very energizing supplement so we thought GREAT!)
  • The season’s first pears

Came home and decided to make home made 100-mile pizza. How? Here is our recipe:

Crust: My husband’s flat bread recipe with a bit more oil, rolled out a bit thicker and kneaded with fresh basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary. Roll up the sides and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350’F. Just enough to have it rise a bit and firm up.

The sauce: I made a quick little blender sauce with 5 roma tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic and a splash of oil. Then I simmered it until the liquid was mostly evaporated.

The pizza: We topped the whole thing with red and green bell peppers, red onions and fresh mild cheddar made right there at the market cheese shop!

We sent everything in the oven for 20 minutes at 350’F.


Oh, we also made oven baked garlic fries.

I will be honest; the one thing that has been hard is seasonings and spices. You don’t realize how much you depend on them to flavour your foods until you can’t use them anymore. And how I missed ketchup for the fries! For npw, we decided to go with sour cream that we had in the fridge. But I’m planning on trying my hand at home made mayonnaise here soon so that could be a great alternative! I will let you guys know how it goes.

Hope all of you are having a great Friday night! Thanks for stopping by…