Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 11-12-13 – 100-mile Diet: Humdrum, canning and football without beer.

Hello to everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end. I’ve been so little at home this week-end, I didn’t have the time to write anything so I thought I’d jumble it all together.

Friday (Day 11) was pretty uneventful. We went to the farmer’s market and bought a case of big tomatoes and a case of roma tomatoes for canning. We also bought some wine for dinner at my parents’ place the following day (my mom had promised a 100-mile dinner prepared for us) and a few veggies. It was a beautiful day to be downtown so we took full advantage of it. We made Greek salad (we get local goat and sheep milk feta) with potato wedges and mint yogurt sauce.

Saturday (Day 12) was a BIG day.

The beginning of canning season was always a celebration at my house. Since I’ve been little, my mom has made her own stewed tomatoes, fruit ketchups, pickles, beets… Something she passed on to me and my sister so every year, fall for me means yummy foods for the long winter to come.

I spent the whole day at my parents. My mom was helping me upstairs; my dad was peeling tomatoes and manning the actual canning boiler in the garage. We made 28 jars of tomatoes and 2 jars of tomato juice. Not too shabby!

My mom, who is used to having us to dinner every week-end, had not had us over for a meal in 2 weeks. We didn’t want to impose our challenge on her, but didn’t want to apply the social life amendment every week either (what’s the challenge in that?) So it was understood we would spread out our dinner visits.

Well, she surprised us with an almost 100% 100-mile dinner of market garden vegetable, tomato and aged gouda frittata (all local) with a modified Asian warm veggie salad (replaced the honey-ginger-soy dressing by a raspberry-maple vinaigrette) and for dessert : baked local brie topped with home made, maple sugar strawberry compote.

Why ALMOST a 100% you may ask? There were croutons to eat the brie. Although the bread was from a local bakery, the flour was probably from the prairies. But after ALL the effort she put into it to serve us the most wonderful dinner. We ate the croutons and added a day to out challenge. We are now at November 18th, 2009.

But it was all worth it! It was a wonderful meal!

Sunday (Day 13) was all about brunch with friends and football. And not television football, but my husband’s first university football game live since he’s moved here from Pennsylvania.

We went to my friend and brought everything we needed for buckwheat crepes and maple syrup, cheeses and apples, local fruit smooties with bee pollen clusters and local sparkling cider.

Then we all bundled up and headed in to the rain for what would be a very cold day. Good thing too. Made it not too hard to not have beer. Yes, football without beer! That one took a bit of motivating. But we held strong and came home frozen, but un-cheating.

All and all, a very good week-end.