Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 8 – 100-mille Diet : Don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone…

Since yesterday morning, I’ve had that song stuck in my head. *Cues the 80s soundtrack*

It started with being upset with myself in the morning for having problems concentrating enough to read my school notes. That made me miss coffee.

Then someone at my office had a peanut butter sandwich. Made me miss peanut butter. Although, keep in mind, we had NOT bought peanut butter in over 3 months, but now that we can’t go and buy some, it’s been what we’ve been craving.

Then my co-worker had a sandwich for lunch… My tummy lost it. I emailed my husband in despair and said “I’m having a weak moment, tell me to toughen up and call me a PUNK okay?” And I resisted… Funny enough, he was having day dreams of pasta…


  • Start our sour starter to hopefully be able to make bread in a week or two.

We had been stewing and fermenting fruit in water (to use as natural sugar for the yeast) for going 4 days to start it and decided it was time yesterday. Equal parts fruit water and flour and a nano-drizzle of maple syrup and in the fridge we go. We’ll be feeding it water, flour and sugars for the next few days and seeing if we can’t make it rise. *fingers crossed*
  • Go out and buy a pasta machine this week and make our own pasta.
Now we don’t mean a big fancy electric one. We want a good old fashion hand operated pasta maker. Kinda like this one:

One of my favourite recipes in the world is fettuccini with a sour cream and shallot sauce. Now, given, no black pepper, but I think I’ll survive. We are also thinking stuffed pasta and perogies. Mmm… getting hungry again.