Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 46 – 100-mile Diet : Halloween without candy is no fun - But week-ends in the woods are!

So I didn’t really think about it until today. I had thought of the challenge finishing before the holidays and not having to sacrifice any of my favorites like pumpkin pies, cranberry walnut sauce and sweets. But I hadn’t given a thought to Halloween.

My office is a sweet factory on any given day, but on Halloween, it’s ridiculous. I walked in to bowls upon bowls sitting on top of filing cabinets filled with soft butterscotch candy, mini Mars bars and my favourite : Reese’s pieces!


It was a hard day and I will admit it, I faultered. I had a mini Mars bar at lunch and I’m not too proud of it. But it was sooooo good! So that I wouldn’t feel so bad, I brought a little mini bag of Reese’s pieces to my hubby and he gobbled it up. It just made our day!

Home we came and started our busy night of preparing for the week-end.

It will be my birthday next Tuesday and I decided to take Monday off to make it a 3-day week-end. We are going on a rustic, wood deep, cabin retreat and we are so happy!

Going away for a week-end would have been very complicated during this diet. Where do you go when you can’t cook for yourself and nothing is truly 100-miles? Well, these cabins are what they call “Ecogîtes” (eco-inns in french) and they are a network of cabins that are electriciy free, candle lit, wood stove heated, spring water pumped “chalets” that you can rent and commune with nature in.

The eco-site is called “Entre cimes et racines” (between tree top and root) and it is situated about 3 hours south of Quebec in the Eastern Townships. The one we rented for the week-end is a small log cabin one-room place. We will make sure and take lots of pictures and share with you all when we get back!

Besides all the clothing and bedding, board games, card games books and magazines, we are leaving with a strict 100-mile menu :

  • Home made sourdough bread
  • Carrots, potatoes, beets and onions
  • Cheese, goat yogurt, milk, butter and eggs
  • A big container full of cauliflower and brocoli soup
  • Fresh made fruit juice from the frozen berries and melons we have stashed away
  • Fresh picked apples
  • Herbal tea

Our only luxury : Coffee. I asked for my birthday present that we have one hot steaming cup of coffee in the brisk late fall morning of Sunday! I think that is fair…

I hope everyone has a great week-end!


Sinclair said...

I make coffee and spice exceptions to my local eating rule. Luckily, we don't even eat candy, so won't miss it on Halloween. We are eating pumpkin from just up the road, and making cookies with as many local supplies as possible.

The Mindful Merchant said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful - Happy Birthday! I look forward to reading your next post. Laura

garden grove HI said...

Wow your experiment seems to be going well!

That 100-mile menu sounds delicious :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

A weekend in the woods is always great! Good luck on your 100 mile goal.

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