Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 29 & 30 – 100-mile Diet : Busy week and reaching one month.

Ever since I got back from holiday (It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past Monday), the week has been hectic to say the least. Overloads of tasks at work have forced us, both my husband and I, to put in extra hours. This means arriving late and having less time to get together meals.

Tuesday (Day 29), we made salad and frittata with all the left over veggies and roasted red peppers from our ravioli this past week-end. We made enough for lunch the next day so that was figured out.

Yesterday (Day 30), my husband surprised me with an email from work asking if he could make us Stromboli! “I understand it’s still pizza” he said “but it’s kinda different if it’s rolled up!” So while I whipped up a little quick tomato, leek and basil sauce and he went to town making Stromboli stuffed with cheese, all colored peppers and red onions. They were wonderful! (Wish I would have thought of taking a picture.) We have enough for lunches today too so it makes the morning extra simple.

The 1 month mark

The one thing I’ve noticed about having gone so long is that cravings are starting to go away. The way they used to be pains at the bottom of my stomach, they are now just a kinda of memory my body and mind remember.

We are yet to make bread that is good enough to make sandwiches, but my body doesn’t ache for one the way it used too anymore. It has also gotten used to the mild flavours of foods without salt and pepper. I’m not jonesing for Thai, sushi or guacamole… although they will be nice to have again. I still miss coffee and tea the most though!

The thing is that everything has a cost now and when we go to the actual grocery store for things like our milk, eggs, goat butter and yogurt, I see aisles upon aisles of “food miles” instead of foods.

It is obvious that with winter coming, our reserves will quickly dwindle and I know our freezers full of veggies and fruit will not last until the next farmer’s season. And I’m finding myself scared of having to make those decisions.

Things are simple now: Local good! Far away bad!

But what will happen when buying that tomato from Mexico will mean the difference between eating tomatoes and not? I guess I don’t have to think of it now…

Still 35 days to go.