Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change the World Wednesday Challenge - How recycled is your stuff?

Hello to all.

It's wednesday again and time for another Small Footprints "Change the World Wednesday Challenge" for you :

For this week's challenge:

Each time you shop for a non-food item, look to see whether a recycled version is available. If feasible, buy the recycled version. If there isn't one, but it's a category such as paper where you know recycled versions exist, ask the store to start carrying a recycled version.


If you already buy recycled items regularly (or cannot afford to do so at all) then write a blog post about products made from reclaimed materials.

Now I have to say we do the best we can. We already buy recycled paper towels, toilet paper and tissues (when we can cause not everywhere has them!) but besides that, I'm more about buying the recyclable things than the recycled thing.

So I'm up for the challenge!

Over the next week, I'll be making a list of al the stuff I buy that I find that is made from recycled materials and post them next tuedsday!

Hope you'll jump in... What is some of your favourite recycled stuff?


Le-Chat said...

How about not buying (paper) at all? For all my private printing I use the blank back side of paper I get in my mailbox or take home from work. Even at work I never ask a note block, I use the blank back sides of letters and such there too. All disposable tissue paper can be replaced by washable cotton cloth. Except toilet paper maybe. But I have my ideas about that too.

If you're interested read about my eco friendly printer and another reused paper ideas here:

NYC dryer vent cleaning said...

I love to recycle the newspapers using them as bags that I make to carry fruits and lunch everyday.