Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 21 and 22 – 100 mile diet : As time goes by…

Monday (Day 21) was pretty uneventful. We had leftovers for lunch and made oven roasted root vegetables for dinner. We had leftover goat milk yogurt so my husband decided to make a nice little garlic-herb-balsamic dipping sauce which was wonderful.

When august came around, we started buying local fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, and water melons) in huge quantities so we could freeze them. We bought a Magic Bullet thinking that we would make all these amazing fruit smoothies in the morning. If we would have thought about it a bit more, we would have realized how horrible and insensitive we were at trying to grind frozen fruit at 6am in an apartment building.

What to do? Turn our morning intentions into evening treats. Fresh fruit sorbets have become our favourite dessert. Mix and match different flavours, add honey or maple syrup to taste and YUM!

Today (Day 22) was a little harder. My poor husband was struck with a craving for Chinese food and to be honest, although I told him I wanted pizza for dinner, I meant PIZZA for dinner! But we took a deep breathe and made our own 100-mile pizza recipe.

We keep modifying our recipes. Tonight, on a hunch, we added yogurt to the dough mix and are soooo happy we did. The crust came out fluffier and tender. It actually felt like it was cooked all the way through and wasn’t nearly as chewy and dense.

It was a very low impact day for our morals and meals. Hopefully, I’ll have more exciting news for you in the coming days.

Have a great night!


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I've never heard of the Magic Bullet. I'm a great fan of sorbet, does it really make them? I've left a few comments on your journey and I know you're busy but could you please take a moment to respond to my question.

Micah said...

This is a great post.. Very informative... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your every post that's why I think I'd come here more often. Keep it up! By the way, you can also drop by my blogs. They're about Vegetable Gardening and Composting. I'm sure you'd find my blogs helpful too.

Yanic said...

Daisy Soap girl : I always have time to answer questions. :-)

The Magic Bullet is fun. It,s not a power house though. If the fruit are frozen solid, it takes it a while to break them up. We find the setting them out for an hour before softens them enough to make the little thing not work too hard. You will need liquid though. We ad milk (as you can see by the picture).

ut it is no where NEAR as fast and powerful as the television add makes it out to be.

Micah : Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure and visit your blog. We have our own community garden plot with home made composter. I'm always excited to learn more about them.

Thank you both for stopping by!