Thursday, August 6, 2009

Change the world wednesdays - Go meatless for a day!

Hello all.

As previously started, I'm sharing my blog friend Small Footprints "Change the World Wednesday Challenge" with you :

  • If you eat animal products, then for one full day eat only meatless meals ... go vegetarian. Dairy products & eggs are permissible ... but no other animal products.

  • Or, if you are vegetarian full time ... then, for one full day, eat only vegan meals. No animal products whatsoever.

  • And finally, if you are vegan, full time, write an article about why meatless meals are good for the planet and perhaps include your favorite recipe.

So everybody shime in : Share recipes, share meal plans... share your thoughts and ideas!

Being ovo-lacto vegetarian, I'll be choosing a day with my husband and we will be back to write about our lovely vegan day! Hope you will all join in!


MondayCampaigns said...

I saw this challenge to go meatless for a day on the Small Footprints page and was excited to see it here also! As an intern with the nonprofit Meatless Monday, I want to point you to our website which has recipes for all meal times and more (the Tomato and Herbed Feta pasta was a hit last night with my family: in addition to cooking tips and nutrition facts to help individuals like you who have decided to help the environment and themselves by going meatless! For the history and science behind the campaign, check out the Youtube video as well:
Thanks! Ashwini

James Mann said...

Oh man, I am not sure I could give up meat for a day intentionally. It would seem very strange.

I am 56 and have been eating meat daily for my entire life.

I know I could do it. I have done 7 day fasts with no food at all so I should be able to do a day without meat.

Today's dinner is already prepared and of course it has meat in it but I will make the meals for tomorrow and leave out all things meat.