Saturday, April 18, 2009

Make your ink cartridge last : Use ECOFONT

So, a blog I really like called The Buzz recently put together a list of ways to reduce your office carbon footprint and one of them was simply too fun I had to share :

The ecofont was developed by a creative communication agency named SPRANQ (based in the Netherlands) that wanted to find a way to use less ink on a daily basis. In this case, 20% less!

The font is based on the Sans Serif Verdana font, widely used in a business context (I know Verdana is the default font at our office), and is better used at sizes 9 or 10. Up close, you may say it's not very nice looking, but used at its intended size, it's very readable and easy on the eyes.

The font is a free download and can be installed on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. So take 2 minutes and make ecofont your default font at home and work. Save some money on ink and offset carbon for a greener world.

What environmental measures do you or your place of work take to reduce your carbon footprint?


Small Footprints said...

Isn't this just the most brilliant idea? I learned of Ecofont awhile back (and posted about it) and have been using it every since. It works great for normal printing ... and I love that it reduce the amount of ink we use.

In our office, we use both sides of paper when printing and then recycle sheets that are completely used. We also try to NOT print things out and opt for electronic versions instead.

Wonderful post!

Small Footprints

Yanic said...

We are very eco-conscious as well. Believe it or not, environmental challenges are part of our yearly bonuses at work in addition to having our two new buildings built LEED certified!

I'm glad you office is also a green place!

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