Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rethinking recycling – When you move, donate goods and share resources!

Good morning to you all.

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are on the verge of moving to a new apartment. When looking for our new place, we came to the understanding that we would have to sacrifice space for location in order to be happier and greener :

  • Moving to a better built and more recent building meant less energy wasted through unsealed windows and outdated heating.
  • Closer to work and our community garden meant less of the car being driven.
  • Walking distance from the farmer’s market and our favourite local stores for food and fun meant the same.

But in this process, we lost 160 sq.ft and no longer have a basement storage unit. (Not that I’m complaining because we have now an underground parking spot so no need for de-snowing and idling the car in winter.)

So, we decided this would be the perfect time to really reassess what we were actually going to move and what we were getting rid of. Hard and long process, but a satisfying one to say the least! So I thought, since we are probably not the only ones doing massive spring cleanings or getting ready to move, I would share some ideas on items you may not have thought of donating but that are great to share and give away.

Toys and clothes :

That is an easy one! Everyone knows that they have local clothes banks and toy drives. No surprise there, but still, a reminder is always good. Toys can also be donated to daycares, children’s hospitals and shelters.

Bedding, towels, wash cloths :

You can donate all kinds of linens to homeless shelters and women’s shelters around your city. Towels and blankets can also be donated to local animal shelters to be used as beds in the cages.

Dishes, utensils and cookware :

Soup kitchens and shelters always have a need for extra dishes and things to cook with. Or, you could simply ask a friend if they need them! I’ve made so many starter kits for friends, I lose count. It’s always a great way to share.

Pet supplies :

Animal shelters need everything from litter boxes to food dishes, food, leashes, bedding, toys, carriers… if you use to have a pet (or like us, have pets that have outgrown their first litter boxes and carriers), then take them to your local shelter. You can also donate old hamster, bird, rabbit cages or aquariums to local grade schools to use in classrooms.

Books and magazines :

Local public libraries, high schools, grade schools, clinics, hospitals (long care units can use the books) and even local detention centers and prisons, will gladly accept donation of reading materials.

Shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other toiletries :

We all have in our home leftover bottles of shampoo, body washes, soaps, etc. that we have gotten on a whim and not used fully. Places like women’s shelters, were women and their families come in with very little in their possession, need things like that to help out.

So as you are going through your old things, please think of how they can be reused.

I hope you have a great day!

What do you share and donate in your community?


apparelshop online said...

Inspiring and resourceful article. good luck.

Yanic said...

Well thank you!
Hope you come back and read some more.

Thomas said...

Every time there's a flea market, I give them CDs, books, DVDs or anything else I don't need anymore.

This keeps my shelves uncluttered, and if I'm moving at some point in the future, there will be less to pack or get rid of at that point.

Yanic said...

Hey Thomas!

Did the same thing when I moved from Quebec City to Montreal for school. I had over 500 books and 300 cds. It was the first time I really started thinking of what to do with the excess stuff. Could you have imagine moving all those? Ugh! :-)

Craig Baird said...

Great article. I would highly recommend My wife and I used it when we moved and we got rid of half our stuff, without having to throw anything away.

Yanic said...

Hello Craig!
I'm so jealous of how well is doing everywhere but here. When I checked out the Quebec chapter, there was very little activity. A few posts, but I think people really digg stuff like Kijiji and here.

That's alright, I'm a toughy! I'll find places for my things. LOL!

Margaret said...

I applaud your efforts. I hadn't thought about your suggestion for pets. Our oldest dog was rescued 12 years ago.
Thanks for posting. Will follow to stay up-to-date.

Yanic said...

Hello Margaret!
Thank you for stopping by! Good on you for rescuing your pets! So many pets are abandonned and unloved. All of my kitties have been rescues. They can be the most unconditionally loving creatures!

RecycleCindy said...

Great post and such good information to get out there. Donating and recycling is so important. The thrift stores always need good used things as well as shelters, clothing banks, and other charitable organizations.

Yanic said...

Hello RecycleCindy : Thank you for stopping by! I agree... a lot of people don't have enough money and thrift stores are their way to be able to renew their wardrobe. I know I was a big fan of them when I was a starving student!

recycle printer toner said...

I will keep these in mind when we look for a new place to stay.

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